Carrug Felzak

Orc Barbarian Penitent Legionairre


Dictation from the Trial of Carrug Felzak:


I will present a short statement, and then you will likely execute me. I care not.

I grew up underground, part of a litter of 4. My father died when I was young, or so my mother told me, though she was always taking on new lovers, and produced many children after my litter, so who can say. Maybe he just left. It matters not. My mother was a trader and small time craftsperson. I was quickly left to my own devices, or so I thought, though I now see that my mother merely waited til the right client came along and sold me. I spent my youth plying the sea-routes around as a shipsboy aboard a privateer operating under Goshen’s seal. They quickly learned not to touch me, though I cannot say the same of the other shipsboys- mostly weakling wretches.

Recognized correctly for my strength, I began training as a guard, fending off pirates, men at arms, merchant’s guards, and anyone else who stood in the way of the cargo we sought. I was good at it, and I honed my skills, while also awakening to the nature of my captivity. I was not trusted with shore leave, or to keep a weapon between raids, nor allowed to eat with the other “men.” I rejected their so-called “civilization” anyway, the decadent cowards, and began to train in a wilder style more fitting my “nature.” If they wanted me a savage, then savage I would be. There was one amongst them who seemed decent enough, taught me the common tongue alongside some concepts of “morality”, and would treat me as a fellow, not some beast. I waited til he was off on shore leave before I killed the captain and the rest of the command, during their dinner. I fondly remember the look on his face when I crushed his skull.

I was 20 years old and for the first time a free man, though not for long. You call me traitor or murderer for turning on the crew. You did not know them. They were raiders, pillagers, blackguards, rapists and monsters sailing under your flag, and because they wore fancy clothes and called themsleves “civilized men” and kept their crimes to the hinterlands you were content to take their gold and ignore them. I killed for them, until I didn’t care to work for free anymore, and then I killed them. I spit on your city and your justice. Do with me what you will.


Hmm, you do speak. How…. colorful. Well, I see no reason to waste more of this court’s time on your very…. interesting tale, nor do I see the need to waste a brute such as yourself- would the ax even split your neck, I wonder? The rope break it? Questions for another day. You will be remanded to the Legion Penitent and sent to Unda Cynot. You will hold the city against enemies both inside and out, and with your attitude, the locals will likely make quick work of you, and save us having to pay the executioner to dull his blade hacking through your neck. TAKE HIM AWAY!

End Transcript

Carrug Felzak

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